I enjoy making waist beads and hope you enjoy wearing our high-quality pieces that serve a variety of purposes. Such as weight changes, to remind you of monument moments in your life, to name a few reasons why you would want to adorn your waist with these dainty accessories. Waist Beads that are crafted with gemstones typically represent qualities such as trust, love, balance, and energy depending on the gemstones that are selected to make the waist beads.

Waist beads are traditionally worn underneath your clothes only seen by your significant other. Today ladies wear them as accessories to match their swimsuits and crop tops to enhance thier style.

I find that making waist beads with quality product allows a woman to feel like royalty. When her waist is adorn with gold or silver and or gemstones knowing that she has positive crystals energies with her throughout her day around her waist. Helping her feel feminine and sexy no matter what her size or race.

I’ve recently expanded my line of adornments to bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and body chain. I found that the quality product that I used for my Waistbeads allowed for me to expand and use it for other adornments.

I am so excited to have expanded my collection because it allows for my creativity to run wild creating quality staple pieces that you can adorn your body with.

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