Turquoise Light Waist Beads,

Turquoise Light Waist Beads are handcrafted with silver-lined clear Czech beads and Turquoise opaque seed beads along with an array of turquoise crystal beads on durable beading wire with a silver clasp. No two are made exactly alike just similar in style. This is made with an array of bead sizes and crystal sizes.  This is very vibrant in color making it a happy piece.  This use to come with a gold-tone clasp it will now be made with a 14k clasp. It will be shipped in a branded box making it great for gift giving.  Even if the gift is for you.


Waist beads are ancient traditional body jewelry and a practice of adornment.  Worn regularly they become an extension of yourself, a secret, seen only by you and the lover(s) you choose. Waist beads are worn by females of all ages from children to grandmothers and by all size women. They are given as gifts for initiations, rites of passage, to women about to marry, to pregnant women for protection and health, and to young girls to welcome them as members of the female group.; and are typically worn against the skin, underneath clothing, and below the belly button. This ancient adornment practice is a great way to celebrate your femininity, milestones, and enhance personal transformation, and affirm creativity and sexuality.

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Feel free to request a custom order if you don't find what you're looking for, I'd be more than happy to create a piece based on your ideas solely for you. I make my pieces to fit all sizes regardless of how big or small. 

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